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“Every way of excretion is also a way which can lead to health.”


                                                                                           Paracelsus ca. 1520


The removal of toxic substances burdening the body has become in the meantime a bigger problem than the taking in of nutrition. We are unable to cope with the vast number of products which we are daily confronted with nowadays.  We have to process everything that we take into the body as nutrition,  through inhalation or the skin, absorb what is useful, excrete and get rid of what loads the body.

Here are tips for how to handle and to avoid chemicals in daily life, published by Greenpeace :  (Link:              )


The possible ways to detoxification are dependent on our organs of excretion: the intestinal tract and mucosal membranes, the kidney and urinary bladder, the liver and gallbladder, the lymphoid system and the skin. We can support these organs with water, with binding substances, herbal or homoeopathic remedies, with mechanical techniques such as massage, with energetic treatment e.g. acupuncture, biophysical vascular therapy BEMER and Ozone active oxygen therapy.


Chelation therapy is a specific detoxification treatment after the diagnosis of heavy metal poisoning (most often due to mercury, lead and copper) has been made. This is an important part of the management of many chronic diseases where the burden of heavy metals is part of the underlying cause. In our practice this is carried out mainly through the intravenous application of chelating agents (DTPA followed by DMPS). An oral chelating agent (DMSA) could be an adjunct to the treatment, useful especially in the case of children.  The supplementation of essential trace elements and antioxidants are important following and In between intensive chelation sessions. Depending on toxicity levels and clinical response, the course of chelation treatment is expected to be moderate to long. 


Intestinal tract and mucosal membranes: Microbiological therapy or “bowel cleansing” is here first and foremost, but also other procedures of detoxification using salts, vitamin C, enemas, colon washout therapy, colon massage. Certain herbs (?? Which) have excretory effects. Oral chelating agents bind certain substances especially heavy metals such as mercury and lead.   

Kidney and urinary bladder: Rinse, rinse, rinse is here the message. The kidney can only function properly with a sufficient intake of water of at least 2,5 litres daily or above. In addition, herbal and homoeopathic remedies could increase  excretion.  With intravenous chelation therapy the immediate disposal of mobilized heavy metals takes place mainly through the urinary tract.  This can be enhanced through an infusion with organ related homoeopathic complex  remedies  parallel to the injection of chelation agents.

Liver and gall bladder: besides special massage techniques the main consideration  is the use of herbal drugs with effects on the liver and gall bladder.

Lymphoid system:  Special lymph massages stimulate lymph drainage and so help remove excessive tissue fluid accumulated due to sluggish lymph flow. The biophysical vascular therapy BEMER brings an increased drainage of about 20% out of  the capillary areas.

Skin:  The motto here is the increase of sweating through Sauna and enduring sport. Massages are very effective. Certain homeopathic remedies could also be helpful.