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Treatment of Acute Illnesses


The patient and his or her family stand as a unit at the centre of our attention. We treat the patient as an individual and not the laboratory results.  The treatment deals with the cause of the illness and is not merely a suppression of the symptoms.


If you or your child suffer from acute complaints, such as high fever, strong pains, coughs due to respiratory infections or shortness of breath because of asthma, itchiness of nose and eyes from hay fever, sickness and diarrhoea with abdominal pains, acute urinary tract problems or infectious diseases such as scarlet fever, you could contact our practice for help without a planned appointment. An emergency treatment is possible at any time. Simply give us a call.


Natural healing methods such as Homoeopathy, prescription of natural and herbal remedies, or Acupuncture for pain relief would be applied as first choices. Strong chemical medication such as antibiotics are only necessary for very severe cases.