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Tuina Massage


„Tui“ means „push“, „na“ „grip“ - two of the many different manoeuvres used in this manual therapy of Chinese medicine. Tuina is similar to a kind of massage. The work on the body is directed towards the “meridians” ( energy channels) and acupuncture points. It aims at freeing blockages and bringing the Qi, the energy to flow in the channels again. The effects of this treatment can be understood in terms of the basic theory of Chinese medicine.


In China, “Tuina” is one of the five treatment modules of Chinese medicine and thus is a specialty in itself.  An acupuncture doctor often specializes also in Tuina. In the west, Tuina is not very widely practised because of the lack of specialists.


Tuina with children could fortunately be more applied through involving their mothers. Women often have a good instinct and feelings for their children's bodies. After being shown and trained they can work well with the children at home. Children usually like the treatment and the attention.


Tuina has good effects on children for a number of chronic problems such as lack of appetite, weakness and susceptibility to infections, restlessness and tension, which show in behavioral symptoms such as biting of finger nails or tics, sleep disturbances and anxiety states, repeated abdominal pains and digestive problems. Children with spastic palsy due to birth trauma show progress fairly fast with Tuina treatment.


Dr. Helen Wai-Ngan Schreiber has experience for years with Tuina treatment  and laser acupuncture for children, especially for the above mentioned problems.