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A certain amount of blood is taken from the vene of the patient, which is immediately or after having been mixed with medication given back to the patient, most often through an intramuscular injection. This treatment is a non-specific re-setting therapy and is one of the classical natural healing methods. The body's own blood serves as a carrier of information and stimulates the body to re-regulate or re-set its immune system. A weak immune defence force would be strengthened just as an allergic (i.e. over reactive)  reaction would be dampened.


Autohaemotherapy is applied in our practice mostly for susceptibility to infections, weakness of immune defence, general deficiency state and allergic diseases.  Often the venous blood is mixed with a homoeopathic remedy or a stimulant of the immune system. This mixture is then injected intramuscularly. A treatment includes some 10 to 20 sessions, depending on the diagnosis. The time for treatment for allergic conditions such as hay fever is according to the principal time of the complaints.


We also have long time good experiences with homoeopathic autohaemo-remedies using  the “big” as well as “small” method. The extracted blood is treated homoeopathically, i.e., diluted with alcohol to different strengths and activated. This gives rise to autohaemotherapeutic drops of various potencies which are taken orally according to prescription and plan.  Oral intake is convenient and is especially well accepted by children. The classical “one glass method” of the homoeopath and paediatrician Dr. Immhäuser has been proved to be of use and great help in our practice, e.g. in improving the appetite and general state of health of children.


An important variant of autohaemotherapy is the Ozone active oxygen therapy, in which the blood is enriched with an ozone-oxygen mixture before it is returned to the body. This is one of main natural healing treatments in our practice we specialise in. You would find information about this on the page “Ozone active oxygen therapy”.