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Neural Therapy


Neural therapy according to Huneke treats nerves, or better said treats the autonomic nervous system with Procain, in order to unmask and to heal body-disturbing points, so called foci.  It works on the basis of neuroanatomy and neurobiology.  Dr. Michael Schreiber is a certified practitioner of neural therapy of the International Medical Society for Neural Therapy according to Huneke. (Link: www.neuraltherapie.de)


Neural therapy uses Procain not only as local anaesthetic but also its further effect as sympatholyticum. Procain can have influence on the some 40 billion sympathetic nerve fibres which are connected with each other in a dense network.  A special access  to this network is through the sympathetic ganglions. Disturbing foci can arise above all after injuries which lead to scars. These foci, sometimes exerting their effects over a far distance, can cause disturbances of body functions. The scars could have a harmless external appearance, or could show …......... They could often be located through procedures such as acupuncture or regulatory Thermography and they could always be …... through systematic neural therapy injections.


The injection at crossing points of nerve fibres (ganglions)  such as the stellatum ganglion or the Sonnengeflecht has proven to be especially effective for treating chronic diseases. For chronic pains with  we give in addition Procain-base infusions to wipe out the “pain memory” and to reduce the state of excessive acidity.


With neural therapy we also treat illnesses which have to do with the vegetative or subconscious nervous system, which cover a very big area of disorders nowadays. The vegetative nervous system is most often not the cause of illness but could act as a disturbing factor standing in the way of the treatment.  Or it could contribute to healing if we could influence it favorably.  Neural therapy often makes so called “therapy resistance”  give way and the body would become responsive again to other treatment methods which  were helpful before.