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„The doctor's highest and only calling is, to make ill people healthy again. That is the meaning of healing.”


                                                                             Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

                                                                          (founder of Homoeopathy)


Homoeopathy, founded by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, means “healing with what is similar” (similar to the illness). It is different from the so called Allopathy, which means “healing with what works opposite”.  An excitation similar to the illness but on a very small scale and to the right degree is given to the patient through a medicinal remedy. This sets free a defence reaction and activates the power of self healing in the body. The organism is thus strengthened and returns to its state of balance and health before.


Homoeopathic remedies, if chosen correctly and applied with the right dosage, help with many physical and mental complaints. In order to find the suitable remedy in accordance with the “Principle of similarity”, it is important to know about the Symptoms and their Modalities, i.e. under which circumstances the symptoms become better or worse. The patient must observe these very well and describe them. For example, for a cough due to upper respiratory tract infection, with yellowish phlegm, which is better when the patient is outside in fresh air and engaged in movement, the remedy of choice based on these modalities would be Pulsatilla.


For acute illnesses, remedies would be chosen according to acute symptoms and prescribed as “Organotrope” (“organ remedy”, related to the organ concerned). These are then applied in low potencies and given frequently ( a few times during the day). For deeper problems,  chronic diseases, mental and emotional disturbances, a “Personotrope” (“person remedy”, related to the person) as a constitutional remedy would be necessary. This would be prescribed based on the analysis of a constitutional medical history and is given in a high potency only once initially.


Children react especially well to homoeopathic treatment.  A lot of acute illnesses, different kinds of tenacious coughs, repeated throat infections, middle ear infections and Bronchitis, can be treated  well and fast with homoeopathic “organ remedies”.  Only seldom and in complicated cases are antibiotics necessary. Sleep disturbances, Pavor nocturnus, school phobia, ADD and behavioural problems have to be treated with constitutional remedies.