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Our Staff


Back row: Sabine Limbacher, Bettina Lehmann, Susann Müller

Front row: Margit Schmidt, Manuela Kraus


Ms. Manuela Kraus, our chief and full time nurse, was trained in our practice. She has been working in our clinic for over 16 years.


Ms. Bettina Lehmann works part time at the registration desk on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Ms. Susann Miller works part time on Wednesday, Thursday und Friday mornings in all areas of the clinic.


Ms. Sabine Limbacher is in the second year of her training to be a qualified staff for a medical practice. She is in charge of our Homepage.


Ms. Margit Schmidt is our long time secretary for administration and billing matters.


Not on the photo but just as important to us are our two “pearls” since the beginning of our practice, Ms. Christine Mengele and Ms. Jolenta Rakowski. Through their reliable work they contribute  daily  to the cleanliness and order of the clinic.