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Magnetic Field Therapy



Whoever uses the magnet would find out, that he cannot do without it in treating many illnesses.”


                               -  Paracelsus (1493-1541)



The use of magnetic stones in the art of healing was known in old cultures such as China and Egypt. In the natural treatment method of magnetic field therapy today the patient is exposed to a magnetic field which is produced through electric coils embedded in a mattress or an “applicator”. The field can be varied with different frequencies and intensities and selected by different programs.


The biophysical vascular therapy BEMER is a further development in which the mechanism of action is through a pulse signal set on the magnetic field. This action impulse is transferred  to body and there it stimulates the micro-circulation of the smallest vessels. The supply of  oxygen and nutrients to the cells is improved as well as the disposal of waste products. In addition, the mitochondrien, the power plants of the cells, are stimulated to increase energy production. About a 30% increase of ATP-Energy-output has been measured.


A disturbance of the micro-circulation is at the underlying cause of many diseases or at least influences their course of development. The BEMER physical vascular therapy exerts its effects at the level of the origin and the accompanying signs of diseases. It supports all forms of energy insufficiency. Also with pains and injuries the healing process can be significantly accelerated.


In our practice, the magnet field therapy is used as an additional treatment. Patients can also lease the magnet field mattress with the control motor to carry out regular treatments at home.